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Fresh Master Nitrogen-Filled Tea Packaging

The company spent more than three years devoting in the research of new packaging. Last year, we developed and improved a new nitrogen-filled packaging by referring to the Japanese experience and knowledge in tea packaging. The new method not just prevents the tea leaves from being stale, because of  more than 99.5% of nitrogen gas around the tea leaves, but reduces the size of tea packs to be single pot-sized wraps. The size varies from 6 to 15 grams in each pack. We applied the new method to the new packaging machine and named the innovative method, Fresh Master nitrogen-filled packaging (FMnfp).The tea packaging is convenient for people to carry or brew and suitable for travel, for work, for cycling or work-out.

 OEM Cost

Net weight
Unit Cost
7cm x 10cm
aluminum foil
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7cm x 11cm
aluminum foil
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8cm x 10cm
Thickened electroplated aluminum foil
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8cm x 11cm
aluminum foil
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