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     Fresh Master (FM) Co.Ltd. was established in 1990.The company locates in the hometown of Taiwan tea, Nantou Count. For the past 20’s years we served every client with our strict discipline, professional OEM/ODM, and reputation of integrity. Without any public advertisements but satisfaction from clients, the company built up its own island-wide client network in Taiwan. Based on the reliable and truthful attitude, we will provides our best services to our customers.
     Recently, many clients complained that it is really hard to keep the tea leaves fresh taste and good flavor because of the high humidity and high temperature in Taiwan. Once the vacuum tea pack was opened up, even when deoxidant or desiccant agent was used, the freshness and flavor of tea would become stale soon. For decades, many tea manufacturers tried to solve these problems by using nitrogen-filled packaging to replace the vacuum packaging, but due to sort of difficulties the outcome is still unsatisfactory.
     The company spent more than three years devoting in the research of new packaging. Last year, we developed and improved a new nitrogen-filled packaging by referring to the Japanese experience and knowledge in tea packaging. The new method not just prevents the tea leaves from being stale but reduces the size of tea packs to be single pot-sized wraps. We applied the new method to the new packaging machine and named the innovative method, Fresh Master nitrogen-filled packaging (FMnfp). From now on, we will distribute the FMnfp to the tea market not just in Taiwan but all around the world. We are definitely confident that the new FMnfp will become the main trend of tea packaging in the near future.